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Pat was given a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame at 6382 Hollywood Boulevard, in 1989.

Pat founded the Golden Boot Awards in 1982, to honor performers, directors, stuntmen and other industry professionals for their outstanding contributions to the Western film genre. 

Personal Quotes

On Milton Berle: "You know, Milton recently switched from comedy to drama. Unfortunately, it happened while he was still doing comedy."

On Mae West: "Do you realize that she went through her life without once having a man say to her, 'You remind me of my mother'?"

On Dean Martin: "Dean would eat hay if you dipped it in gin."

On Johnny Carson: "He's an Episcopalian - that's an Off-Broadway Catholic."

On Ed McMahon: "It's good we honor Ed, because I understand that next week, a group of Texas businessmen are going to buy him, tear him down, and put up a Ramada Inn."

On Roy Rogers and Dale Evans: "The Lunt and Fontanne of the fertilizer set."

"My voice never quite made it through puberty. It has been described as sounding like a handful of gravel thrown in a Mix-Master."

"I didn't get along too well with horses. At the beginning, not too well; at the end, terrible. I always say that horses are hard in the middle and dangerous at both ends."

Curator's note: Pat Buttram (1915-1994) began broadcasting on WLS in 1933 after he was interviewed in an audience-participation broadcast at the Chicago World's Fair. From 1950 until 1956 he appeared in films (and on television) as Gene Autry's sidekick. From 1965 until 1971 he assumed the role of "Mr. Haney" on CBS television's "Green Acres". He played character roles in numerous films and was an often-used voice in Disney pictures. Born Emmett Maxwell Buttram in Winston County, Alabama, Pat was the son of a Methodist preacher. (You can also see Pat featured in the 1954 WLS Family Album).

Gene Autry and Pat Buttram, 1987.



All Songs written and performed by Ken Curtis. Some additional material by Pat Buttram and Shug Fisher.

(All musical performance rights are BMI)
Produced by KEN NELSON 1965


Black & White version (AHH):   At the Heron Swamp, country bumpkin farmer Charlie Hill (Pat)  becomes mesmerized by a strange-looking thing, on display at a traveling circus. Sealed inside the clear jar is a strange concoction that defies everyone's description and eager to impress his neighbors, Charlie offers to buy the jar. With all sales final, Charlie takes it home and invites his friends and neighbors to see it. No one can figure out what is in the jar, and every night they gather to sit and watch. Some envision pure horror while others envision romance. Charlie's young cheating wife, Thedy Sue (Collin Wilcox), hates the evil-looking thing and expresses her desire to have it out of the house. When she has an attempt made on the jar, Charlie succeeds in saving the priceless object in the nick of time. People come from miles around to see the jar and it has won him his neighbors' respect. Jealous over her husband's new toy, Thedy Sue gets into a fight that turns physical. In a fit of rage, Thedy Sue opens the container and destroys the contents, resulting in Charlie taking drastic steps to refill the unusual jar... hmmm... A real Hitchcock classic!  Produced and Directed by Norman Lloyd.  First aired 2/16/64 as an hour-long presentation on The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, based on a short story by Ray Bradbury.

The Munsters: "All-Star Munster"
Season 1, Episode 17
First aired: January 14, 1965
by Jason Warren

Starring Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo, Al Lewis, Pat Priest and Butch Patrick. Guest starring Pat Buttram, Robert Easton, Gene Blakely and Frank Maxwell. Written and produced by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher. Directed by Earl Bellamy.

The Bobby Darin Show 12th episode





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